Access and signing statements
:: services/statements module

These API methods allow you to check and sign statements.


user_status BETA Check if user has all required declaractions and is allowed to use USOS. (administrative)

services/statements/user_status ΒΆ

Administrative: This method requires a proper Administrative Consumer Key. Contact us to get one.

Consumer: required (administrative) Token: ignored Scopes: n/a SSL: required

This is a BETA method. We're looking for beta-testers. Until we find them, there's a substantial probability it won't stay backwards-compatible! If you are planning on using this method, please let us know. Then, we will work with you and move it out of beta as soon as we can.

Check if user has all required declaractions and is allowed to use USOS.

user_id required ID of user
format optional

Default value: json

Format in which to return values. See supported output formats.

callback optional

Required only if you've chosen jsonp as a return format.

Plus required standard OAuth Consumer signing arguments: oauth_consumer_key, oauth_nonce, oauth_timestamp, oauth_signature, oauth_signature_method, oauth_version. Token is not required.

Returned value:

A dictionary of the following format:

  • allowed - boolean, true if user has all required declarations and is allowed to use USOS.
  • reason - reason why user is not allowed to use USOS.
    Possible values:
    • awaiting_declarations - user has not made all declarations
    • no_pledge - user has not pledged on any active programmes
    • null - user is allowed to use USOS
USOS API ver., b0d1f896 (2023-02-23)